what is this blog for?

Part of the reason I’m so attracted to the idea of the TARDIS, the Doctor, and time travel is the fact that real life confuses me. Life is complex and trying to find meaning for it all, as well as peace and happiness, is pretty much impossible. If I had a TARDIS, I would go back to talk to Plato, Socrates, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, Gandhi … and the list goes on. I would ask all the questions no one can seem to answer.

But I don’t have a Tardis and I’m not the Doctor, so I’ll have to make do. I’m hoping that by forcing myself to sit down and write about the world around me, about the thoughts that are always tumbling through my head, that I might find some answers for my life. Lately I’ve been going through a phase of exploring and strengthening my faith. It seems that this blog is evolving to be how I see the world through the perspective of my faith.

I also do this on twitter, but with a larger emphasis on eating disorders, anxiety and depression, and just anything I like / amuses me: @H3llinHighH33ls

So. Geronimo!


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