Why I really want a Tardis

This blog is turning into more of an exploration of my faith. But there are no hard guidelines on the content. But when I started, I just wanted a place to “vomit” out my thoughts. My brain felt very much like my favorite TV character, Matt Smith’s Doctor Who; kind of goofy, very curious, but also with a deep darkness and a world weariness. All I wanted (and to be quite honest, still want):

tardis bbc


This is a Tardis. It looks like an old British police box but it’s really a time travel machine. It’s much bigger on the inside than the outside. A time lord (time traveler who lives forever by way of reincarnation), Doctor Who, travels inside the Tardis, often with a friend, and has many wonderful adventures. Watch the show “Doctor Who” to better understand. I want one. I want to time travel and travel through space. I want to have adventures. Obviously without ever putting myself in danger. This is impossible, but I’ll keep trying. I have always liked the impossible.

So, yeah.


And the man in the picture above is the Doctor Who I would specifically like to shag/date/marry/go time traveling with. I understand he’s actually just an actor, so I should probably let go of that fantasy. But once again, why should I give up the impossible?


Well, this one would be perfectly acceptable as well. David Tennant, call me. In a non-creepy way. Obviously.


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