INFP in an E**J world

Being an INFP in a world where being extroverted (E) and judging (J) is difficult. Not that extroverted and judging individuals are worse. But they are more valued in this society, and so being basically the opposite doesn’t make life easy.

It’s difficult because:

    1. Just because I don’t have a detailed reason for my choices doesn’t make them not rational.
    2. Just because I feel things with more intensity and more often, doesn’t make me over emotional, and therefore easily written off.
    3. It’s frustrating to see how people treat each other. Like the other is less important than their concerns. Can’t they feel the awesomeness of humanity in each of us??
    4. I will need a lot of alone time. It doesn’t make me antisocial, and it doesn’t make me lazy. I just really need to curl up in a ball and ignore everyone and everything. It’s like detoxing.
    5. I’m not nice all the time. I’ve got a mean streak and temper like everyone else.

But it’s also kind of awesome, because:

      1. The world is super magical and I can find so much more joy in the little things than most people I meet.
      2. I don’t need much to be content, I’m easily pleased.
      3. I understand others easily, I’ve felt their emotions and I value their existence.
      4. My mind is a massive, dynamic place. It is the biggest adventure to exist in it.

*This post is using terminology from the Meyer Briggs (MBTI) personality inventory


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