A Witness to the Word

My issues with the Bible are deep and I’ve been ignoring it in order to question other parts of my faith. But now I’ve come full circle. If I want to define myself as Christian I should probably see the Bible as my sacred center point. It is, for Christians, holy scripture.

However, it’s hard to see it as the be all and end all of God’s word in the modern world. We know it was written over many hundreds of years, by men. It wasn’t even solidified until certain men came together to codify it, task force style (I’m paraphrasing history pretty badly here, my apologies to the historians). Remind me why this is God’s word? Remind me how, as a modern female, I can bow down to some pretty harsh passages in the Bible?

My minister got me thinking when he said that for him, the Bible is not God’s word. Jesus is God’s word incarnate while the Bible is the witness to the Word.

This makes sense to me, the Bible is the different ways people over centuries, millennia, have witnessed God in their lives. How to live in God’s light and how to deal with God’s presence. They weren’t perfect and not everything that worked then is applicable now, but a lot of it does. Suddenly, I can see the Bible being a guide post, a place to look for God and for advice.

However, it should not be where we stop looking. What about all the new gospels that are being discovered? Most controversially, the gospel of Judas. I’d also like a few female witnesses, to even out the gender bias. How about all the new experiences of God people are having every day; have had since the Bible was codified?

For me, the Bible should be a diving board to reach deeper depths of understanding and faith. It is a tool, it is not God itself. Let us not build a false idol out of it. Let it be witness to God, to the Word, not God itself.


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