asexual or just slow moving?

I like guys. I like the concept of dating someone. I’m a mid-twenties, healthy, heterosexual female, so this is expected.

The problem starts however with dates. No one really makes me want to go on a second date. If I like them, things progress and suddenly I’m on a couch, or a bed, and I realize: nope. Nothing. No physical reactions.

What am I doing wrong? Or am I asexual? Do I have bad experiences I’ve suppressed?

When I’m with my college friends, I feel bad about my inability to move forward with something. They love sex, and hook ups, and dates. So they push me to do the same.

When I’m with my home town friends, I could care less. They still know me as crazy and anorexic so being physically healthy is already a win for them.

And then I have a few friends who like to diagnose me. One believes I’m just “over thinking” things. Another thinks I’m asexual.

But everyone feels like there’s something a little off. And I’m confused. What am I supposed to do when my brain wants one thing but my body disagrees and sends me running for the hills?

Is there anyone else whose friends and family all feel a need to voice an opinion on their dating and sexual life? How do you tell them all to fuck off? How do you force yourself to stop worrying about it and just live?


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