Blizzard Lessons

I live on the East Coast. We recently got a lot of snow. To put it mildly. Feets poured down of heavy, sticky snow. Shoveling a driveway took two days. I’m still not certain my arms didn’t fall off in between.

For the duration of the storm I stayed at my parents, who wanted my company and help. We lost electricity. For 50 hours. That’s 2+ days. In the middle of winter! We were a bit chilly.

I learned quite a bit:

1. The circumstances affect perception. 50 degrees is chilly when you know you’re about to turn the heat up. 50 degrees is downright freezing when your power is lost and there’s no hope of heat or running water.

2. Even pets can be surprised. Nothing is funnier than watching a cat make a dash for freedom only to have them sink into the snow with a face of shock. Suddenly, the house seems the ideal place to be.

3. The homeless look is in. Long underwear, a turtle neck, a sweater, a vest, tights, and jeans look great with a bathrobe, scarf, hat, and fingerless gloves. They are also the perfect dinner attire.

4. Old books can be very interesting. The situation becomes hairy when all your new books are at your apartment, and your childhood room only holds those books you used to read over and over. You’re bored of them, really. Yet, when the internet is down and there’s nothing else to do and no where to go, those stories are suddenly fascinating. The American Girl dolls certainly had some exciting adventures!

5. Your body can sleep for ages. With nothing else to do, and your arms exhausted from endless shoveling. 12 hour “naps” are nothing.